Services & Pricing

We offer a wide range on services from simple indoor and outdoor paintings over wallpaper application to special coatings and finishes.

Services & Pricing

We offer a wide range on services from simple indoor and outdoor paintings over wallpaper application to special coatings and finishes.

Design elements

HQ Paint & Deco is your partner for the supply and installation of decorative elements. If you want to install yourself, we will give you all the advice you need to get the job done. Find out how to create unique living and working spaces with the design elements of Noel & Marquet.

These design elements provide you with solutions for creative interior design and turn every space into your own living space. The perfect solution for every taste and style. Whether modern, classic or timeless, austere or cosy, your interiors can be refined just the way you like. In the kitchen, living room, bathroom or even in public premises such as restaurants or hotels.


Preparation of the surface and the right choice of paste/glue are the most important tasks to achieve best results and finishes when it comes to wallpaper application. Also not every wallpaper is suitable for every room. I can assist you in finding and install the right wallpaper or install wallpaper which you already have purchased.

HQ Paint & Deco also supplies and installs Wallpaper with the focus on paintable wallpaper: The Collections from Erfurt, famous for the ‘woodchip’ wallpaper (Rauhfasertapete) and Erismann provide a great choice of patterns and are paintable multiple times in any colour you love. These Vlies-wallpapers are easy to handle (paste the walls) and great for DIY installation as well. We will give you all the advice you need to install your wallpaper or decorative elements. For a finished and more luxury choice see our Erismann ‘Carat’ and ‘Timeless’ Collections. Andreas will come to your house or business to show you the products in the space where they will be installed. This is a free service for the Rockingham area. A fee will apply for other areas depending on your location. This fee will be refunded when you place an order.

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Providing a detailed quote, listing all work to be carried out, from covering floors and furniture or exterior areas, preparing all surfaces and applying sealer/primer and finishing coats. It doesn’t matter if you only want to have one room painted or the whole house, all work will be done to the highest standard and attention to detail.

Special Finishes

Special effect finishes are custom made decorative applications. Textures and colours will be customised to achieve the desired effect. From creating fake fantasies of colourful marble or metallic effect coatings to fabulous, high end finishes like venetian plaster (stucco). The range of possibilities is endless.

If you are after old traditional paint techniques like sponging, stencilling, marbling or stucco (venetian plaster) I can provide a great range of samples in differentfinishes and colours to choose from.

DIY Advise

Are you a handy person and think you can tackle your renovation yourself, just don’t know where to start? For a $99 fee I will come to your house and give you advice how to kick it off. I will suggest materials you need, show you how to cover things where you don’t want the paint on and how to prepare the surface for repaint to get a great finish. If you are still unsure, I can work along with you on an hourly rate to help you to get the best results.

Do it yourself advice with HQPD
Do it yourself advice with HQPD

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Prices / Hourly rate

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I offer to do all work on an hourly rate or for a fixed price as quoted.

I will not charge a call out fee or time of travel for work in the local area around Port Kennedy / Rockingham.

My hourly rate:
From $ 77, plus material / DIY Consultation $ 99

My main business hours are school hours between 8am and 3pm. Depending on requirements of the job these hours will be adjusted.

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